Herbie BeforeHerbie After

Equine charity World Horse Welfare has launched its first ever TV appeal after the number of horses at risk in the UK has risen to 7,000.

The 'How Could Anyone?' campaign aims to encourage more people to support the charity's work at this crucial time.

It includes a series of hard-hitting adverts featuring 20 horses that were rescued from terrible conditions, one of which was Herbie, a-two-year-old Shetland stallion who was severely under-weight and had a four inch nail in his foot.


World Horse Welfare Field Officer, Chris Williamson, was first at the scene. He says: “These horses were living on a dump. There was rubbish, scrap metal, derelict vehicles and cranes, and nails sticking out everywhere I turned. When I found a mare and her foal locked inside a container, I just couldn’t believe it. They had been in there for quite some time; they were covered in faeces and debris that had been dumped there.

"One of the ponies was lagging behind and was struggling to put his foot to the floor. On closer inspection we found he had a four-inch-long nail embedded in his foot.

"We removed all of the horses and ponies from the site into the care of World Horse Welfare. If we hadn’t got there in time there would have been fatalities.”

World Horse Welfare named the Shetland Herbie (see pictures above, before and after rescue) and today he stands on all fours perfectly and leads a happy life in a new and loving home.

The charity currently has 320 horses in its care and continues to see an increase in the number of equines coming into its four rescue and re-homing centres.

This year, 32 per cent fewer horses were re-homed compared to 2012. World Horse Welfare is encouraging the public to re-home rather than buy, so that space can be freed up in the centres for those in desperate need of the charity’s help.

The charity has limited funds and space and is entirely reliant on donations They are calling for help so they can continue to deal with the rising number of cases that are coming into the farms every single week.

To donate to World Horse Welfare please call 0800 035 4120 or visit the charity’s web page: http://www.worldhorsewelfare.org/Appeal/Abuse-and-neglect-in-the-UK