Remember, remember the fifth of November – and a week or so either side – can be a really anxious time for horses and ponies, so it’s really important that we do as much as we can to help.

It’s not the actual bonfires that are the problem – it’s the fireworks that shriek, hiss and explode with great force, lighting up the sky. Providing your horse with a welcome distraction is the key to keeping him as calm as possible. Here are some top tips:

— A fibre feed such as Dengie’s Hi-Fi Lite and Alfa-A Original is both low in sugar and starch, and will keep him occupied for quite some time, thanks to their slow chew times.

  • Keep an eye out for any displays in your area and let event organisers and households planning to let off fireworks in your neighbourhood know that there are horses nearby so that they can site their displays accordingly.
  •  Make sure that you keep to your horse’s normal routine and familiar environment. Change is unsettling and things need to remain as natural as possible.
  • Check paddocks to ensure there is nothing that could injure your horse should it become distressed. Don’t forget to look out for firework débris once the events are over.
  •  Ensure that fencing is in good repair and there are no breaks in hedges.