Autumn brings cooler temperatures and reduced daylight hours, but this need not be a problem. In the October issue, we offer 20 brilliant ways to cut down on jobs around the yard, meaning you can spend more time in the saddle.

Prepare for the darker months by buying on forage, stocking up on batteries for your head torch and making sure you have decent footwear and clothing to keep you warm and dry.

One good thing about autumn and winter is being able to wrap your horse up in cozy rugs. To help you find the right one for your horse, we’ve put together a shopping guide, showcasing 11 rugs and highlighting their key points.

We’ve also got rugs from Horseware, Mark Todd, KTY and Rachael Kelly Equestrian Accessories to give away in our super competition.

Horse magazine wouldn’t be complete without a real life story – and this month we share the emotive story of one owner who was forced to sell her mare, but then spent 12 years searching for her.

Do you own a horse who naps? If the answer is yes, you’ll know all about how frustrating it is to deal with. But fear not, as our popular trainer Michael Peace is on hand to bring you easy-to-do exercises that will soon get your horse back on the straight and narrow.

Plus, get started in lateral work with our top tips, jump any cross-country fence and boost your confidence show jumping.