Do you find loading your horse into a trailer or lorry stressful? Does it put you off taking him anywhere? In the latest issue of Horse magazine, popular equine behaviourist Michael Peace works with a horse that hasn’t loaded onto a lorry for a year, and has him walking up the ramp in minutes.

The August issue is also packed with exercises and tips to ensure you have the best summer yet with your horse. These include perfecting your riding position, how to beat the clock in a jump off and building cross-country confidence in the arena.

We suggest 17 ways to improve your horse’s performance, and we discover how one rider keeps her horse barefoot and still competes him successfully at a high level in dressage.

Nosebands seem to be a bit of a bugbear with some of our readers, so we discuss whether ‘corrective’ ones actually do more harm than good, and we check out a range of fly rugs to keep those pesky insects at bay.

If that’s not enough, we also have brilliant prizes to win, including a tweed show jacket.