The product: Guardian Genius Electric Fence Rug

The info: The lightweight rug is made from a 'smart' fabric that transfers the pulse from an electric fence to the inside. It comes in dark grey/blue, in sizes 4ft 3in–7ft, and is priced £62.50. A neck cover is available separately and costs £35.99. Visit:

Tester Tara Grove says: "I tested the rug on my warmblood, Houdini Henry! My paddocks are electric fenced and on many occasions I have found Henry wandering around in a different field to the one he was meant to be in. Therefore, I was very keen to try out this rug.

"It is a nice looking, lightweight rug that has an easily adjustable front and belly straps. It's made from a 1,200 denier polyester fabric, which is more robust than a lot of lightweight rugs. Shoulder gussets give Henry plenty of room and allow freedom of movement. The rug fits Henry well, and there is the added option of a neck cover, which can be attached via Velcro straps. 

"The most important feature is that the fabric on the front panel transmits the electric pulse of fencing to the horse's body. If a horse pushes against fencing in a normal rug, he won't receive a shock. Because this rug is lightweight, I can use layers underneath if I need to, but the electric pulse will still be felt by the horse. This is due to a clever strap wich sits next to the horse's body and can be looped through any under-rugs.

"I am pleased to report that Henry has not escaped from his paddock since he has been wearing this rug."


Also available: If you are looking for a rug that offers more warmth, the Guardian Fence Buster rug has 250g of filling and a 1,680-denier outer and comes with a removable neck cover. It's priced £124.