In this issue we look at conquering a rider's nerves. It  can be horrible when a fall or other incident prevents you  from enjoying riding anymore. The thing  you used to enjoy so much becomes a nerve-wracking chore and all  you can focus on is negative thoughts about what might  happen. In this issue a rider who had been afraid of  hacking out for 23 years is helped by confidence coach  Jenni Winter to overcome that fear in half a day.

 A reader struggles with her horse in the school as he can be quite grumpy and won't move forward. She is helped by natural horsemanship trainer Melanie Beckmann. Melanie aims to establish the rider as herd leader so they encourage the horse to make the right decisions.

 Buying a new horse or moving yards this summer? Our  behaviourist Justine Harrison has got some excellent tips to settle a horse into a new home and make it as stress free as possible for you and your horse.

 We also have an interview with winner of the Hickstead  Derby, Trevor Breen on his one-eyed wonder horse and our real life story comes from reader Lisa Fahy whose tells us about her horse KC who sustained life-threatening injuries after an accident in the field.