Both horses are now featured on the packaging of the new improved Saracen Veteran Mix.

“I have always believed in ensuring that my horses are fed according to their age, work and lifestyle,” said Carl, who is renowned for keeping his retired international dressage horses at home or with close friends.

The new and improved Saracen Veteran Mix, which is available from September 2015, now includes a ‘live yeast’ within the formulation. This is to help support optimum digestive health and fibre digestion. Veteran Mix is a low starch, oat free ration based on Saracen’s unique “Super-fibre” technology. "Super-fibre" sources contain a similar level of accessible calories to that of cereals, enabling the cereal portion of the recipe to be reduced, and consequently the starch level of the diet is greatly reduced. This helps to avoid the likelihood of any digestive disorders caused by high cereal based diets, but still provides the older horse with the calories needed for maintenance. Veteran Mix also includes essential antioxidants such as Vitamin E. Antioxidants act to mop up free radicals helping the horse to maintain normal muscle function and decrease recovery time after exercise.

Saracen Horse Feeds Senior nutritionist Lizzie Drury continued to explain: “Saracen Veteran Mix and Cubes were the original veteran feeds on the UK market and have helped to support and maintain thousands of veteran horses both active and retired over the years. Both rations contain high levels of digestible fibres and oil to help reduce the reliance on starch in the ration, thus helping to make these feeds more forgiving on the veteran digestive system. Essential chelated minerals, optimum levels of vitamins and antioxidants help to support immune status, health and vitality, while high levels of quality protein help to maintain cell renewal, tissue and muscle repair”.

Saracen Veteran Cubes also feature new packaging showing a sprightly veteran Liebling and supply the same nutritional value as the mix but in an easy to soak cube.

“Our veteran horses continue to work and carry out the grand prix movements as school masters for some of my pupils. Just because they are retired doesn’t mean they don’t need to exercise. My top-level competition horses usually continue to work into retirement as it keeps them fit and healthy and likely to stay sound and happy. Saracen Veteran Mix helps us keep condition on our veterans as well as give them the energy required for the level of work they do.”

Carl Hester MBE