Rescue pony Candy was found by World Horse Welfare as a 14 month old foal (thumbnail image) with her mother. She was rehomed in 2012 and is now a regular competitor in the exciting sport of horse boarding.

Horse boarding is a relatively new sport that involves participants being towed behind a horse on an off-road skateboard at speeds of up to 35mph. 

The rider and boarder work together to control speed and accelaration and thrill-seeking sport is actually very accessible to all abilities be it horse, rider or skater and many find it a handy alternative to other activities that your horse may not enjoy.

“Your horse doesn’t have to be particularly good at it,” says Rachel Simington, a keen member of Horse Boarding UK, the organisation which founded the sport in 2004. “People see the sport and think their horse has got to be at competition level to take part but that’s simply not true. My horse, Candy, could barely even canter before we started boarding together, she just didn’t like doing it, which limited us when it came to activities like jumping and dressage.

“With the boarding though, it’s different, because she has to focus and really think about turning and moving through obstacles with the boarder behind her, so she doesn’t worry about the cantering part. It just goes to show that you don't need a certain type of horse to compete at this sport and has taught me, that with time and patience, anything can be achieved. After all, my horse is a rehomed rescue horse and now she is winning at top competition level, and to think, this all started out as just something fun to do with my horse.”

Candy was rescued with her seven year old mother Sharny who, due to neglect was unable to stand and for much of the beginning of her rehabilitation had to be in a sling to support her. 

Rachel says that she would recommend rehoming a horse instead of buying one to anybody that is looking for a truly reliable horse.

“Not only do you get a horse that you can cherish forever without worrying about problems later down the line, you get free advice like I had with Candy. Candy’s groom, Chrissie, at World Horse Welfare, was amazing – I contacted her numerous times to ask questions specific to Candy and she was extremely friendly and helpful every time I called.”

Candy and Rachel have won £500 at local shows so far due to their horse boarding talent and continue to hit the top targets in the sport.