It's everyone's favourite time of the month again, new issue time! As always we have something for everyone in our latest instalment. 

More and more people are trying more natural methods and moving away from the traditional ideas when it comes to keeping and training horses. Equine behaviour expert Lucinda McAlpine is well known for keeping her horses in 'natural' herds and training them in a sympathetic way. We asked her to share her best tips and she came up with some brilliant advice to help you build a bond with your horse.

On a similar note, a great way of improving the relationship with your horse is spending some quality time with him. In this issue we share some easy to do massage techniques, which we are sure your horse will love. They can be fitted into your routine, however much or little time you have, so be sure to give them a go.

Haven't got round to doing that beach ride yet this summer? Well there is still time! There are some excellent tips on where to go and how to stay safe in the latest magazine. 

Still not persuaded? We also have feeding, stable management and training advice to nip spooking in the bud for those of you with lively horses.