This month's issue includes a great feature on hacking out with your horse. Do you have problems hacking out because your horse is spooky or naps a lot? Behaviourist Justine Harrison is here to help. She looks at identifying the root cause of the problem and how to eliminate it.






Winter is just around the corner so Horse has provided a feeding special to answer all your feeding questions. Whether you own a good-doer, veteran or thoroughbred we have tips to ensure your horse is eating healthily. To help you prepare for the cold and wet we've got nine handy hints for getting the yard ready and a rug guide to keep your horse snug this winter.


We have also got some tips on succeeding with an ex-racer and some trouble-shooting suggestions. Trainer Michelle Parkyn helps us perfect common test movements such as centre lines and serpentines so you can boost your dressage scores this winter.