Lucky youngster, Noel from World Horse Welfare's Norfolk centre will be getting a safe, new home just in time for Christmas.

Noel's mother Thelma was rescued by the charity in 2010 and he was born just before Christmas. World Horse Welfare Groom, Gemma Haynes said, 

 “When we discovered Thelma was definitely pregnant we were excited that a foal was to be born into this world without having to suffer like we so often see, but worried that yet another space would be filled at our Rescue and Rehoming Centre. Thelma needed a great deal of handling when she came into us because she was incredibly nervous around people, but despite her background she produced a perfectly healthy foal.”

The grey gelding will hopefully be travelling to his new home in Norfolk on Thursday. New owner Annabelle Gage said,

"I first found Noel on World Horse Welfare’s website after hearing really good things about its Rehoming Scheme and so decided to visit the charity’s nearest Rescue and Rehoming Centre, Hall Farm which is close to where I keep my two horses anyway. When I got to the farm I spotted Noel in the field and as my mother, eight-month-old daughter and I went up to him he was so friendly - and when we left he called out to us so we just had to have him.

“One of my horses is getting really old now and I worry that he might not be around for much longer so I wanted to get a companion for my other horse Toby as quick as I could, that way they could start to get used to each other. Plus I wanted a horse that my daughter could potentially ride as she gets older."