If you were at the Horse World Visitor Centre over half term you may have been lucky enough to have a date with Destiny.

The filly foal was named by Rebecca Challenger in a competition that had over 400 entries on the Horse World Trust Facebook page. She made her first ever appearance at the Bristol Equine Welfare Charity in the holiday.

Rebecca won a book by Horse World Patron, Monty Roberts which was signed by the world famous horse whisperer himself.

Equine Welfare Director Jerry Watkins said,  “The name Destiny appealed to the staff because we believe it was her destiny to be born here at HorseWorld rather than in Wales where her pregnant mother, Stardust was found in a poor state along with three other mares. Three of the four mares have since given birth and two of them along with their foals were on show at the visitor centre for the half term week.  Destiny and her young companions would almost certainly have been born to die had they not been brought here.”

The foals were all a little weak and wobbly due to the poor condition the mares were in but are now doing well.

Stardust, Destiny and the other mares and foals have been lucky but there are many more welfare cases coming up every day.