1. Horse Torch and Projector

Christmas won't be complete without this cool torch that can project images up to one metre wide onto walls and ceilings. It comes with images of 24 horses and ponies, covering a range of breeds. It's the perfect bedtime companion for young pony fans! Priced around £6, batteries are included.

For more information visit http://www.brainstormltd.co.uk/




2. Sparkle Basket 

Is there a child in your life who loves bling? Then theis Sparkle Basket from Gold Label is the perfect gift.

It's packed with all the essential items a child might need to ‘bling-up’ their pony, including glittery hoof varnish, gels and sprays – ideal for  Christmas shows.

Price: £29.70, visit: www.wefi.co.uk



3. Joules Socks 

No matter how old you are, Christmas isn't Christmas unless you receive at least one pair of socks. To be sure this old favourite isn't a dull gift, opt for a pair like these from Joules. Not only will they keep feet toasty warm they feature cute characters on the toes. To see more of Joules' range visit: http://www.joules.com/


4.  Hobby Horse 

Know a youngster who is pony-mad but unable to have their own? How about a hobby horse – the great thing is they don't eat much! This Junior Dobbin from Joules has a sound-effect button on the ear will so charging around the house has never sounded so realistic. Priced £29.95, and they are low on stock so hurry to http://www.joules.com/ to get yours!




5. Calendar 

Know a child whose social life is a whirl of activity? Make sure they never forget a party or an event with a fun horse calendar, like the Kids Colouring Calendar from Carrots. The undated calendar allows kids to be creative all year round and comes complete with a felt tip set, so pony addicts can get started straight away. At only £5.99 it's an excellent stocking filler. 

Visit: http://www.carrotsuk.com/