It's the time of the month where we all start itching to get  our hands on the new copy of Horse. Well the wait is  over and it was worth it!

 This month we are looking at changing ourselves into  better riders rather than trying to change our horse.  Sometimes we need to embrace his quirks and adapt  what we do to get the best out of him.

 We have some great insights into how Piggy French  trains her horses, especially the youngsters. The secret  to her success is treating every horse as an individual  and tailoring its schooling and management regime. 

 The weather is improving all the time and Horse  magazine has got plenty of ideas of what you could do  with your horse this summer. Ever thought about giving  an in-hand showing class a go, or get a group of  friends  together and try a quadrille?

 As horse owners we are reliant on the experts and this  issue brings you up to date on the latest techniques in  farriery and shares advice for protecting your horse  from the equine diseases.


Don't forget to vote in the Equilibrium Products RIsing Stars competition, we've got a recap of each rider in this issue to help you choose.