The weather is turning colder and darker but don't worry we've got something to lift your spirits! Another excellent issue of Horse magazine is out and you won't want to miss it.

This month we are revisiting our Pony Club days (or giving you a taster if you never went) with some fun exercises. Remember around the world and half scissors? Well they aren't just for fun, they are also a great way to stay supple.

Recent research has shown that equine vets have one of the riskiest professions and have a high chance of suffering a serious injury. Horse has some essential advice on how to keep your vet safe during examination or treatment. 

With Christmas not far away you might be thinking about what you can do for others. In this issue we have showcased the work of nine equine charities and tell you how you can support them and do your bit this festive season.

The downside to this time of year can be the weather and you may need to keep your horse stabled for long periods of time due to turnout restrictions. Don't miss our tips on how to prevent boredom and advice on keeping him healthy.