This month's issue is filled with expert advice and tips. Former chef d'equipe of the British TREC team, Tot Wall gives us some fun and easy exercises to show you how the sport of TREC can transform your flatwork. Practising TREC obstacles on a regular basis can really hone your horse's skills. 

More expert help comes from eventer and trainer Rodney Powell in the Masterclass. In this issue he is shows a reader how to gain better control of her horse over fences.

We also have some great info for those of you who own or look after veteran horses on how to keep them healthy.

You may well be considering clipping your horse this winter and if you are make sure you check out our guide on which is the right clip for him. 

We speak to Lizzie Brown, young event rider of the moment, fresh from her Boekelo win this season.


Lots to read, what are you waiting for?