Hoof, the participation brand of the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) is kicking off a social media campaign to run throughout the summer while the World Equestrian Games take place in Normandy.

They are asking anyone who takes parts in equestrian sport whether you ride, carriage drive or vault, for fun or competitively, to talk about it on social media. Begin with I do it.. and then give the reason why enjoy whatever you do with your horses and use hash tag my sport.

The reason behind the campaign is to maintain backing from the government for equestrian sport.

  • Sport England is the government organisation tasked with keeping the country active. In December 2012 they announced a £493 million four-year investment into grassroots sports.
  • A total of 46 sports received investment
  • Equestrian secured an award of £6 million for the cycle 2013-2016; an increase of 46% from the previous Olympiad
  • As the NGB, the British Equestrian Federation is responsible for channelling this funding into the sport
  • Increasing the numbers of people taking part and ensuring a quality offering for those who do is critical for equestrian to retain the support of Sport England.

This money is conditional upon increasing the numbers of people taking part and ensuring a quality offering for those who already do. Sport England measure this with the Active People Survey. If you get a telephone call asking about your sports participation, don’t forget to mention horse riding. 

In the meantime sign up for more details here , follow Hoof Ride on Facebook and get ready to fill social media with our passion for horse sport. Tack up and be counted today!"