A charity is urgently appealing for help to raise funds so its four rescue centres can cope with the large number of horses they are being sent.

World Horse Welfare are struggling to deal with the current horse crisis where an estimated 7000 horses are at risk of abandonment and neglect.

The number of horses brought into the charity’s centres from January to August this year has increased by 23% on last year’s figures.

Horses are still being bred on a large scale and many horses are brought over from Ireland and the Continent leading to a saturated market. Breeders are finding they can no longer sell their assets and the charity is seeing hundreds of horses being left in fields to fend for themselves.

Groups of up to 16 horses are being brought into the centres and they are struggling to cope with the care of so many neglected animals at once.

“These horses all had dreadful feet and were in states that we wouldn’t want anyone to have to witness,” says Assistant Manager of Belwade, Caroline Heard.

The funds raised will go towards installing a system of fences and pens at each of the charity’s four Rescue and Rehoming Centres to enable World Horse Welfare to receive large groups of vulnerable horses quickly and safely.  Work has started on the first one, at Hall Farm in Norfolk but the charity needs to equip its other Rescue and Rehoming Centres as soon as possible, to try to keep pace with the volume of group horses that need rescuing, rehabilitating and hopefully, rehoming.

If you are able to rehome a horse or pony visit www.worldhorsewelfare.org/rehoming/ and make a donation at  www.worldhorsewelfare.org/Appeal/Horses-at-risk or simply call 01953 497239 for an informal chat about how else you can help World Horse Welfare to help horses.

World Horse Welfare relies entirely on donations and are very grateful for any amount of support in their struggle to deal with such huge numbers of neglected horses.