• 50 tips to have a brilliant summer with your horse: lots of horsecare and riding advice, to help keep your horse healthy and happy in the warmer weather
  • How to juggle horses with family and job: Finding the work/horse/life balance
  • Masterclass: Australian eventer Bill Levett has lots of tips to help you achieve more clear rounds this season
  • DIY vs grass livery: Is cheapest the best for you and your horse?
  • Carl Hester lets us in on his 7 secrets for success
  • Show day care tips for the savvy owner


  •  10 minute exercise
  •  Great ways to boost your confidence
  • Eventer Bill Levett gives you the benefit of his 15 plus years competing in the UK 


  • Vet casebook  
  • First Aid
  • Q&A horse care: experts answer your questions


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