The July issue of Horse magazine (on sale 8 June to 5 July), will help you overcome loading issues. Equine behaviour expert Justine Harrison reveals how the first step to solving the issue is to work out what your horse or pony's fears are. For example, they could be worried about being separated from friends, being travelled next to a horse they are scared of or they don't like what is at the journey's end. She also considers how equine and human vision differs, and why this can make a big difference during loading.

In our packed training session, cure a horse's filler phobia so you can jump more clear rounds, and check out our training translator, so you can understand exactly what your instructor is telling you!

If your horse is nervous, boost his confidence with the wise words of Sue Palmer, a behaviour expert and chartered physiotherapist. Sue offers useful tips and exercises to help you 'spook-proof' your horse while being ridden. She also shows how you can calm his fears about clipping, having fly repellent applied and being washed off with a hose.

Smart horse care advice includes protecting your horse's airways and reducing the risk of breathing issues, feeding tips for competition horses and how to treat sunburn.