Running from 1-3 January 2016 at the Echo Arena in the heart of Liverpool the event is one big New Year celebration.

Clemence trains her Lusitano horses using the Haute Ecole method, which denotes the highest form of classical riding. The stunt rider is well known for producing spellbinding displays with her horses, which often wear no bit or bridle and work in complete freedom at liberty.

Amongst Clemence’s top horses is Gotan, a stunning chestnut with a long flaxen mane that has been with her from the start of her rise to international stardom. Ardagio, a gorgeous buckskin Lusitano is hugely talented and executes phenomenal Spanish Walk, sits and lies down on command and can also bow to the crowd. 

Passionate about riding and the world of show business, Clemence decided to combine the two and enrolled at the Florent School of Dramatic Arts, Paris, in 2000. In 2004, she met equestrian stuntman Mario Luraschi and became part of his stunt team. She learned the art of trick riding and starred in many films.

Clemence also trained at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art Foundation at Jerez, Spain, and also learned her art from Athens Olympic Bronze Medallist, Rafael Soto. Her techniques, ability and connection with her horses are breath-taking and are sure to captivate the entire audience.

Clemence has performed around the world and never fails to impress. Her performances are both theatrical and magical and something that really should not be missed.

Be sure to attend the Liverpool International Horse Show and watch this incredible horsewoman and her horses in action.

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