Host of the International Colloquium, World Horse Welfare are calling for all abstracts for presentation at the event on 1-3 July 2014 to be submitted by 22nd November 2013.

The charity is accepting abstracts from the world's academic, research and scientific community as well as from equine welfare practitioners for presentation at Royal Holloway, University of London.

The Colloquium will address the question, "How do we demonstrate the importance of working equid welfare to human livelihoods?"

The charity has been encouraging all those involved with working equids or people in poorer countries, where working equids are relied upon for transportation or agriculture, to submit contributions relevant to the following questions; what role do working equids play in human livelihood- and how well is this currently recognised? Does a holistic approach to improving equine welfare produce better outcomes? What is the role of veterinary science?

The Colloquium is intended for the international audience of working equine practitioners as well as those working in human international development, including veterinarians, technical advisers, project managers, community development practitioners, academics and equine and human welfare NGOs. 

All abstracts must be submitted by 22nd November 2013 and will be considered by the Colloquium’s Scientific Committee. Those accepted for presentation will be allocated into either oral (15 minute) or poster presentation sessions. 

If you would like your research to be considered, please submit your abstract by 22nd November 2013 using World Horse Welfare's online submission form (link below). Authors will be advised of the status of their submission by 20th January 2014.

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