A herd of 14 wild Exmoor Ponies have been transported by charity The Moorland Mousie Trust from Exmoor National Park in January 2015 to the Czech republic.

Their job in this new home is to prevent the spread of an aggressive and evasive grass that are a delicacy for them. 

After an acclimatisation period at a small enclosure, the ponies were released onto a 99 acre area. 

A stallion will join the mares this month.

"Our amazing little Exmoor ponies have gone global in their new life in Prague," says Juliet Rogers, chair of the Moorland Mousie Trust. "We have been overwhelmed by the global publicity they have received."

Dalibor Dostal, director of European Wildlife, the organisation behind the project, said scientists decided that using big-hoofed animals, such as wild ponies, could solve the invasive plant problem in the most effective way.