1) Before every journey check the tyre tread using a special depth gauge available from hardware stores. For lorry tyres, the legal minimum is 1mm, over 75 per cent of the tread width for the entire circumference. Tyres may perish before the tread does, so look for splitting and bulging.

2) Tyre pressure will drop while the vehicle is stationary. Inspect and adjust them using a pressure gauge, but make sure it is safe to use on lorries. Refer to the logbook for the exact measurements.

3) Ensure the horsebox is on a level surface before examining oil levels. Remove the dipstick, clean it with a cloth and replace it, then take it out again to look at the level. It is recommend you have the oil changed once per year. Check water levels, too.

4) The lights must be fully functional. Test the brake light by turning on the ignition and applying light pressure to the brake pedal while someone observes the back of the lorry. Flick the indicators on one by one following the same process, then turn the headlights to dipped and full beam.