That time of year has come round again, the clocks have gone back and it is suddenly dark by 5pm. Owning horses can seem a bit less fun particularly if you work. In no time at all you are doing everything by feel and have forgotten what your horse looks like! If your horse lives out you won't want to miss our handy guide to a stress-free winter. 

We have also got some great tips on introducing clipping to a nervous horse, keys to successful clipping and a round up of the different clippers on the market if you are planning to invest in some. 

As always the issue is jam-packed with expert advice to boost your riding. Dressage star Roland Tong shows you how to create more impulsion and perfect movements such as leg-yield and counter-canter.

International rider Daniel Neilson shares his secret to success over show jumps and Austin O'Connor talks us through tackling different kinds of cross-country fence.

If your mind is beginning to turn towards Christmas we have 38 great horsy gifts for inspiration!