I think it's great that more people are competing, at different levels, but I urge anyone about to compete – whether it's for the first time or 100th – to make sure they brush up on their etiquette in the warm-up area.

When you enter a collecting ring, you should know what you're doing, and not dither. You need to know in advance the preparation you plan to do, take your turn, and notice who was in there first, and what they're doing.

Also, people who take jumps down without asking first are a real nightmare. I've nearly come off twice, because as I've approached, someone has changed the fence.

Your competing special was great, especially the check-list which I've cut out and stuck on my fridge door. But you should think about printing a 'manners' check-list too.
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What do you think?
Do thoughtless or ”bad mannered” competitors irritate you? Is collecting ring etiquette something that people need to be reminded of? Email Lisa Reich with your views.