Highly successful show horse Chique was chosen to model rugs for a new KTY 5 A-day range and her sidekick Lily had to come along too.

Their owner, show rider and producer Sarah Ambler said,

"When we first got Chique she had never really been out in a field and would panic without another horse or pony, so Lily became her soul mate and now they go everywhere together.

“Lily arrived as a gift from a friend, but at the time she had laminitis and then managed to get colic and we thought we were going to lose her.  We called the vet and fortunately she pulled through, she is such a star and great fun to have around.

“It was funny watching the two of them on the photo-shoot and quite difficult to get photographs of Chique on her own.

“When you are riding Chique in the arena Lily is very happy to trot along behind her and they would definitely share a stable together if I let them.”

Now seven-years-old, Chique has had a fantastic season in Small Riding Horse classes winning at the North of England Spring Show, Northern British Show Horse Association Spring Show, Lincolnshire Show, North of England Summer Show, Aintree and also taking second place at the Great Yorkshire Show.

After the early spring season, Sarah also had to undergo extensive knee surgery so she is even more delighted with their success.

The brightly coloured rugs in the KTY 5 A-day range will certainly brighten up your horse's wardrobe this winter.