Build condition safely









Winter is a time when many horses lose condition. Follow these expert tips from Saracen Horse Feeds to help keep your horse at a healthy weight:

1. Provide ad-lib forage. For horses that wont eat enough forage, try providing a cafeteria style of fibre products (haylage, hay, fibre cubes, alfalfa chaff) to stimulate his natural instinct to browse;

2. Choose good quality feed products – follow the rule 'quality not quantity'.

3. Oil is high in calories and a great source of slow-release energy.

4. Keep it simple – all your horse needs good quality alfalfa chaff, good quality feed and good quality forage.

5. Speak to a qualified equine nutritionist for sound advice.


Product focus 

Saracen Condition Mix – a low-starch mix for optimum topline, muscle tone and stamina.

This feed is suitable for:

Weight gain and conditioning thin horses, poor doers and those with limited appetites;

Supporting topline and muscle development (in conjunction with exercise);

Providing long-lasting, controlled energy for stamina and power based work.

Features and benefits:

Highly digestible 'super-fibres support digestive function;

It is alfalfa-based with micronised soya beans and peas providing quality protein for muscle and topline development;

The mix includes EQUI-JEWEL to increase the calorie density of the ration;

The feed is fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

For more information on Saracen products, visit: .To speak to a qualified equine nutritionist and receive advice tailored to your own horse, tel: (01622) 718 487.