The stable owners were unaware that Glenister had been banned from keeping horses.

Both horses, an ex-racehorse called Deliberation (pictured) and a filly called Olivia, were removed from her care in March 2015 and have since been rehomed by the RSPCA.

The magistrate agreed that Glenister had breached a recognised court order, and imposed a total of £716 in fines and costs. The ban on keeping horses was kept in place until 2017.

In light of this case, the RSPCA is urging people to stay vigilant, and report anyone who has breached a court ordered ban on keeping animals.

“The RSPCA depends on the public being our eyes and ears. If any member of the public knows of anyone who is banned from keeping animals - please do contact us on 0300 123 4999,” said RSPCA Inspector Rachel Smith.

“As this case demonstrates, the courts do take these matters seriously - and so do we,” she added.