The latest (April) issue of Horse magazine focuses on rider confidence. Hacking out is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do on horseback, but often riders are too nervous to leave the arena.

It could be that you don't feel you have enough control to venture on the roads or bridleways, or your horse is spooky or nappy.

If that's the case Horse magazine is on hand to help. We have some useful exercises you can practise in an arena that will equip you with the skills to hack your horse out with confidence.

Whether hacking out is your key aim, or you want to take part in your first show or move up a level in dressage, showjumping or eventing, pick up some tips to help you reach your goals. Respected coach Charlotte Dennis offers some wise words to help you set realistic and rewarding goals and achieve them.

This month's real life focus is on horse hoarders. We meet readers who own, three, four, five or even more horses. Discover how they find the time and funds to care for their four-legged friends.