It's that time of year again, the weather is turning chilly and Bonfire parties complete with plenty of noisy fireworks are being held either side of the 5th of November. While we may enjoy these displays our horses tend not to be so keen! The BHS and Dengie  have got some tips to take the stress out of the fireworks for your horse:

  • Stick to your usual routine. 

Horses feel safer in a routine. If your horse normally lives out he will probably prefer to stay out provided there are no fireworks in an adjacent field. Take a good walk round your paddock and check for anything that might cause injury if he does start galloping about. In particular, make sure all fences are safe and secure.

  • Find out if there are any events near where you keep your horse.

Ask around and find out who the local organisers are. Let them know that there are horses in the area and ask them if possible to place the fireworks as far away from the horses as they can.

  • Distract your horse

Once you have found out when the event is on plan some distractions. If you can hang around on the evening your presence will calm him. Or if not put a radio on to muffle the sounds. Food is an excellent distraction, get a lick, get a horse treat ball, hide carrots in his hay net and anything else you can think of to keep your horse interested and focussing on food rather than what is going on outside.

These three basic steps will make this time of year much easier for your horse to cope with the excitement of Bonfire Night.