World Horse Welfare have teamed up Humane Society International, an all animal protection organisation to help the horses and communities of Haiti.

Since the earthquake in 2010 where approximately 220,000 people died, 300,000 people were injured and half the population lost their homes, the working equid population have been used to transport goods as roads and houses are rebuilt.

“These horses also play a direct role in the welfare of many families who rely on them to make a living,” says Liam Maguire, Director of International at World Horse Welfare.

 “Perhaps the suffering of the horses in this country can be understood when there is so much human suffering alongside them, and so few of even the basics like school and healthcare" 

The majority of the horses, ponies, donkeys and mules work long hours carrying poorly fitting pack saddles that are often overloaded. These animals suffer with pressure sores, long-term muscular-skeletal conditions, damaged feet, poor diets and dehydration.

“People in Haiti have no access to vital veterinary care. This exciting program that we are very happy to be working on with World Horse Welfare will not only treat equines to alleviate their suffering, but teach local owners how to properly care for their animals and train local veterinarians in equine veterinary science. Increasing the quality of life for these animals is our goal, but strengthening the human-animal bond will be an inevitable result,” says Kelly O’meara, Director of Companion Animals and Engagement at Humane Society International.

To donate to this project visit: www.worldhorsewelfare/haitiappeal