Insurance is a necessary expense in everyday life; one we apply to our homes, our businesses and even our well-being.

When it comes to transporting horses, there are endless ways in which the scenario can go wrong, which is why insurance is vital. Here are some to get the most from your policy with help from


1. Don't cut corners

 The best deal isn’t always the cheapest. Don't try to cut corners as all policies are not created equal. The better your cover, the better you’re protected.


2. Don't invalidate your policy

Make sure you are legally allowed to tow a trailer or drive a horsebox. There are also regulations regarding the combined weight of your vehicle and trailer and limits on the weight a lorry can carry. If you’re not packing the right driving licence, or your vehicle is overweight, your insurance could be rendered invalid. You can check out the requirements on the Government’s website:

3. Honesty is the best policy

Be honest with your insurance provider. Tell them exactly what you want and what your circumstances are. Giving false information can invalidate your policy. Being honest doesn’t mean the price is fixed; there’s always room for negotiation – but it may save you heartache in the event you need to make a claim.


4. Check out the extras

Some policies will include roadside assistance if you break down and offer alternative transport and emergency stabling. Others won't - check what a policy offers, to ensure you get the best deal.


5. Be security conscious

Invest in alarms and immobilisers for your box or trailer. The more security measures you install, the more discount you can expect on your policy.


6. Be prepared

Prevent an unnecessary accident - or breakdown - by doing regular checks on your vehicle before you take it out on the road. Winter causes extra problems that you need to be aware of. Check fuel and water lines for leaks, test batteries and brakes, and ensure tyre pressure is correct.


7. Are you covered?

There are times, such as at shows, where you’ll leave your box unattended – with your valuable equipment inside. Check your policy covers these items and other equipment. Installing anti-theft devices may qualify you for a discounted premium. Marking equipment with a UV pen and recording serial numbers will make it easier for the police to reunite you with your belongings, should they be stolen and then recovered.


8. Stick to specialists

Look for a specialist insurer, rather than trusting your policy to a general insurance provider. These people specialise in understanding and solving the problems thrown up by owning a horsebox. They may even flag up an issue or two that you hadn’t considered.


9. Location, location, location

Be mindful of where you park up your trailer or lorry. Ideally, your yard will have a secure parking area for boxes and trailers - a locked gate can help deter all but the most determined of thieves, as will parking close to occupied buildings. If you are away from home at a show, try and park near good lighting and where there are plenty of stewards. The location of a theft or break-in can impact on any excess charges that you might find yourself liable for.