1. Always tell someone where you are planning on going, which route you hope to take and how long you are likely to be gone for.
  2. Ensure you have enough daylight hours, particularly if you are planning a long hack.
  3. Don’t set off without checking the weather as the forecast is always changing. Bad weather can set in quickly in some remote areas.
  4. If you often ride on high rides and mountains, work out some ‘escape routes’ and short cuts to lower terrain, in case conditions turn against you.
  5. Wear appropriate clothing for the terrain and weather conditions, and ensure you have adequate food and drink.
  6. Take a map and compass and check beforehand that you know how to use them,
  7. Equip both you and your horse with hi-viz gear so that you can be seen easily both on the roads as well as in rural settings.
  8. A small strobe light can be useful for attracting attention. 


To read more from Mountain Rescue, see the May issue of Horse magazine.