8 horsey adventures to enjoy in 2016

Make 2016 memorable by planning some new and exciting ways to get your horsey fix. Here are 8 great ideas to inspire you from Chelford Farm Supplies, providers of equestrian and farm supplies...

1. Ride on on the beach

Few things can be more exhilarating than a beach ride. The good news is that wherever you live in the UK, you are never more than 70 miles from the sea!

Not all beaches are horse friendly, so check before you leave. The British Horse Society has compiled a guide to beach and estuary riding along with a list of locations where you can ride in the surf, visit: www.bhs.org.uk and see the 'Access and Bridleways' section.

Tide times dictate when you can ride - the following handy website can help you plan your trip www.tidetimes.org.uk

2. Learn to ride side-saddle

Something as simple as changing your riding style can be a fun challenge that reinvigorates your riding experience, broadens your skills and strengthens the bond between you and your horse. Many equestrian centres can offer the side-saddle experience or look up an experienced instructor at www.sidesaddleassociation.co.uk


3. Go on a horseback safari

No bucket list is complete without a really special holiday experience, such as a horseback safari.

A number of tour companies offer riding trips in the national reserves of Africa, where you can ride alongside the continent’s infamous wildlife.

4. Organise a photoshoot

You've probably got lots of pictures and videos of your horse on your smartphone, but few of you together. Why not hire a professional photographer to capture some stunning shots that you can cherish forever? Check out horsey Facebook groups to get recommendations of photographers in your area.

5. Take part in a cattle drive

For centuries, horses have been used to drive cattle and every rider should enjoy this experience at least once in their lifetime. This type of experience is offered in the USA, Canada, Australia and Argentina – book through a specialist company, such as Ranch Rider (visit: www.ranchrider.com).

6. Spectate at a top event

Get out and experience top class sporting action in person, by booking tickets to some of the UK's most popular equestrian events. Badminton, Burghley, Hickstead and Windsor Horse Show are among those not to be missed. Why not organise a trip with a few horsey friends. Some venues offer you the chance to camp on site for the duration of the event, so you don't miss any of the action.

7. Sign up as a volunteer

There many charities and equestrian groups who are crying out for volunteers. Even if you can only offer a small amount of time, it's worth getting in touch to see what is involved and what opportunities are on offer. The Horse Trust is always keen to hear from people happy to help out with yard chores, grooming and fundraising. Visit: www.horsetrust.org.uk.

8. Update your riding wardrobe

Treat yourself to some new clothing for wearing at the yard, or a super-smart show outfit. If you look the part, you'll feel more confident in the saddle, whether you enjoy dressage, showing or jumping. Pikeur is a popular brand with riders of all levels, and offer a tempting range of clothing in classic or contemporary styles.

You can find all of the equipment and accessories you need for your equestrian adventures by visiting www.chelfordfarmsupplies.co.uk