From their history to their ability to patiently teach beginners how to ride, our older equine friends show that they definitely do save the best for their later years! We love this list of reasons T.E.N Supplements put together:

1. With age comes wisdom 

Older horses have years of experience in dealing with us pesky humans. So they can adapt easily to new people and experiences, as well as interactions with other horses. They are used a lot as reliable mounts for nervous riders and as companions to younger horses, especially when they are playing up on the yard! 

It’s good to have a calmer, older and wise horse around!

2. They’re the best friend you could ever wish for

Had an awful day? Don’t worry, an older equine is the best friend who will make it all better. 

Just one look into those soulful eyes, and an hour spent in their calming company and you’ll feel like you again. They can sense when you’re feeling low and know how to brighten your day.

3. They enjoy life and can teach us a thing or two

As horses get a little older, we have to look out for any issues that come as a result of this. This means our golden oldies enjoy a bit more TLC - wouldn’t you if you were getting regular rest, massages, and special attention to your diet and comfort?  

Because of this, they know exactly how to enjoy life. Just seeing how they don’t get as stressed or anxious as they did over things in their younger years, can teach us how to just take life with a pinch of salt and enjoy it more. 

4. 50 shades: Like people, horses become more distinguished with age

As they get older, they get cuter and fluffier - or more distinguished with those grey hairs! There is also a real beauty in the spirit of an older horse - spend an afternoon with them and you’ll be swept away! 

5. There’s nothing like a quiet hack with your favourite companion

There’s no better feeling in the world than the deep bond you have with a horse that has known you for years. Or a horse that has an old soul - and a history. Maybe they were a competition horse? Or maybe they were just  another member of the family that grew up with you and knew all your stories.

Whatever their background, at this time in their life they are happy to take things at a slower pace; enjoying a Sunday afternoon hack, in the field with the sun on their back or just snoozing while you give them some extra TLC . 

So there you have it, before dismissing older equines as past their best, consider these reasons and you’ll be reminded that, if anything, they are at their best later on in life. 

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